Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Final open class voki- Naan

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  1. Hello teacher undertaker!
    I'm 2nd grade 5,6 advanced class 5 team captain.
    then Let's get start it!

    Have you ever eaten Pajeon?
    It's a Korean traditional food and looks like a pizza.
    It's made with green onion, Korean leek, and 2 glasses of water.
    But actually in Korea, there are plenty of special recipes.
    so if you want to have some different kinds of Pajeon, then you just put the ingredients what you want.
    and this is the good point.(you can freely choose the ingredients.)
    On rainy day, a dish of pajeon and rice wine! it's the best combination.
    If i recommend kinds of pajeon, then I choose hemul pajeon which means pajeon with seafood(shrimp, squids, oyster...)